Superheroes 4 Orphans Special!


Superheroes 4 Orphans Special!


Caribbean Festival

smoked jerk (skinless dark) chicken served with

rice and peas and steamed cabbage



Chicken Caesar Salad

Traditional Caesar salad topped with marinated grilled

chicken breast



Chicken Stir Fry

Low fat teriyaki chicken over brown rice and side of fresh 

steamed vegetables


Southwest Fiesta Bowl

sautéed shrimp served with peppers onions over brown 

rice and a side of fresh pico


Teriyeki Salmon

glazed salmon served with sweet potato mash and

sautéed green beans


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Help us give to orphans in need as we partner with Superheroes 4 Orphans!

When you purchase this meal plan you will not only get the amazing health conscious meals but 

$20 dollars will be donated to the cause. Thanks for your support!